The only stock market course in the world
by an Ex Wall Street Investment bank Founder/CEO
This course will be taught by MirMAK himself in Lahore on the weekends of March 16th, 17th & 23rd, 24th


  • In depth study of Capital Market in Pakistan
  • The infrastructure of the Financial Market of Pakistan and the roles of key players involved
  • A detailed analysis of various investment products available in Pakistan for trading and their application with prime focus on Stocks and Mutual Funds
  • The types of manipulations and frauds present in our Stock Market/Brokerage firms and learn the tips to safeguard your investment
  • Importance of the role of mental discipline and its significance in stock investment
  • Learn the practical knowledge of the emerging blockchain technology along with its real world applications
  • A guide to Cryptocurrency investing and trading focusing Initial Coin Offering and related aspects


  • Personal guidance from MirMAK for life
  • 4 Books
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  1. Types of Financial Markets Around The World
  2. Key Players in Global Financial Market and their Roles
  3. Role of Capital Markets in Economic Development
  4. The Governance of Financial Infrastructure
  5. Characteristics of a Well Governed Financial Regulatory System
  1. The Players and their Roles
  2. The Capital Market Structure in Pakistan
  3. Securities And Exchange Commission Of Pakistan
  4. Central Depository Company Of Pakistan
  5. Intermediaries Brokerage Industry
  6. National Clearing Company Of Pakistan
  7. Historical Performance of Asset Classes (2001 – 2018)
  8. Pakistan Economy and Stock Market: 5-Year Outlook
  1. Understanding Primary and Secondary Market
  2. Factors that affect the stock price to change
  3. Market Capitalization & its Types
  4. The Role of Pakistan Stock Exchange in the Economy
  5. Causes of market failure
  6. Market Correction
  7. Challenges faced by Pakistan Stock Exchange
  8. A Comparison with other countries
  9. Reasons to Invest in Stock Market
  1. Features of Common Stocks & Preferred Stocks
  2. Shareholder’s Rights
  3. All about Dividends
  4. Share Buyback, Stock Splits & Stock Dividends
  5. Depository Receipts (ADRs & GDRs)
  6. Penny Stocks
  1. Overview of PSX and its listings
  2. KSE 100 Index
  3. KSE ALL Index
  4. KSE 30 Index
  5. KMI 30 Index
  7. Advantages & Disadvantages of Indices
  8. 5 years Progress 2014-2018
  1. Types & Features
  2. Bond Investment Risks
  3. Credit Rating & Agencies (JCR-VIS & PACRA)
  4. Bond Market in Pakistan
  5. Problem associated with Pakistan Bond Market
  6. Recommendations for Improving Pakistan Bond Market
  1. Benefits of Investing in Mutual Funds
  2. Mutual Fund Investing Guide
  3. Ways to Analyze Mutual Funds (Performance, Ratio analysis, Tenure and Experience & Size)
  4. Common Myths about Mutual Funds
  5. Types of Mutual Funds by Structure – Open End & Closed End
  6. Types of Mutual Funds by Investment Objectives Operating in Pakistan along with Their Performance
  7. Mutual Funds Overview in Pakistan
  8. Challenges faced by the Industry
  9. Rights of Mutual Fund Unit Holders
  1. Interest Rate Swap
  2. Forward Rate Agreements
  3. Third Currency Options
  4. Cross Currency Swaps
  5. Authorized Derivative Dealers
  6. Non-Market Maker Financial Institutions
  7. Financial Derivatives Business Regulations
  1. Types of Brokerage Firms
  2. Choosing the Right Brokerage House
  3. Brokerage House’s Frauds & Manipulation
  4. Broker’s Failure & Default
  5. Features of a Good Research Report
  1. Trade Screen Basics
  2. Market Maker
  3. Types of Trading
  4. All About Margin Trading
  5. Order Types (According to Price) &(According to
  6. Processing an Order & Steps Involved
  7. Book Building Process for New Companies
  8. Basic Guidelines and Queries
  9. Capital Gain Tax in Pakistan (2018)
  1. Strategies: Top Down, Bottom Up, Value vs Growth & Large vs Small Cap
  2. Identifying a ‘good company’ for Investment
  3. Difference between Investment & Speculation
  4. How to avoid Need, Greed & Fear of Loss
  5. Buy Low & Sell High but with Due Diligence
  6. Low Priced Stocks Will Not Make More Money Than High Priced Stocks
  7. Rumors in Pakistani Markets
  8. Market Triggers & Stock Market’s Phycology
  9. Reasons why Market Makes No Sense At Times
  1. Importance of Mental Discipline in Investing
  2. Lose the Misconceptions about our Stock Market
  3. Allah (SWT) and the Stock Markets
  4. The Markets Will Be a Test of Your Nerves for a Few Days
  5. Human Reaction & Index Value
  6. The Misconception – “I Bought It So It Must Go Up”
  7. Do Caps Determine The Growth Of The Company?
  8. ‘Foreign Institutions Are Buying’ Rumor
  9. Most Stock Brokers Can Not Advise Their Clients In Pakistan
  10. Short selling in Pakistan
  11. The concept of Upper Cap and Lower Lock
  12. Research Report
  13. Corner the Float Theory
  14. Too Many Bids or Too Many Offers
  15. Overseas Pakistanis and the Pakistani Stock Markets
  1. Economic Analysis: Business Cycle, Monetary
    Policy & Fiscal policy & Economic Indicators
  2. Industry Analysis
  3. Company Analysis
  4. Financial Analysis: Earnings and Valuation, Financial Statements & Ratio Analysis
  5. Understanding the Annual Report
  6. Portfolio Analysis – Investor’s Perspective
  7. Determine Your Investment Objectives
  8. Determine Your Risk Appetite
  9. Types of Investors & Types of Investment Risks
  10. Managing Willingness & Ability to Take Risks
  1. Basic features of Blockchain
  2. Understand how Blockchain works
  3. Benefits of Blockchain
  4. Problems Associated With Blockchains
  5. Uses of Blockchain in different aspects
  6. Mechanism of Blockchain
  7. Wallets, Digital Signatures, Protocols
  8. Distributed Ledger Technology
  9. Implications of Blockchain for Finance
  10. Implications of Blockchain for Stock Market
  1. Types of Cryptocurrencies
  2. Cryptocurrency Trading
  3. Things to be Careful While Trading
  4. Safety of Cryptocurrency
  5. Initial Coin Offering
  6. Benefits of ICO
  7. Risks of ICO
  8. Decreasing the Risks of Investing in an ICO
  9. Evaluating a Whitepaper
  10. Setting up a Cryptocurrency Wallet
  11. ICO Participation Process
  12. Crypto Exchanges Guide
  13. Features to look for before choosing the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

These 4 books are
included in the course


32 Hours, spread over two weekends
8 Hours per day

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